NEEM - National Employability Enhancement Mission

The NEEM Scheme, also known as the National Employment Enhancement Mission, was launched in 2013 and is an initiative of the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) to enhance the employability of the demographic dividend of India. It aims to counter the labor shortage by upgrading the skills and increasing the employability of the youth in India. It is also referred to as an apprenticeship program providing on-the-job training to students while they are still enrolled in educational institutes.

A NEEM trainee gets first-hand experience of working in an industrial set-up through the NEEM Scheme. NEEM also has some additional benefits for the participating industries like enrolling them without the liabilities of a permanent employee, training them as per their requirements and absorbing them in future if required.

Why is NEEM Scheme required?

NEEM training breaches the employability and skills gap.

Various industries in India are facing a shortage of skilled workforce. Due to the lack of practical training, the actual employability of the youth doesn’t match the skills required to perform skilled industrial jobs.

NEEM training helps those students who are pursuing either diploma, graduation, or post-graduation (full-time or correspondence courses) in technical/non-technical fields, to get on-the-job training in an industrial set-up.

NEEM scheme is beneficial for both: the trainees as well as the employers:

• The trainees upgrade their skill set and improve their employment opportunities while they are still studying and get a stipend.

• The employers are exempt from the labour laws since the trainees are provided and regulated by a NEEM facilitator.


In the ever-growing world of industrialization, DMCFS in association with NAPS has curated opportunities that pave a wider path for the youth to flourish in their careers.

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is introduced by GOI with a vision of providing apprenticeship training to 50 lakh youngsters. NAPS is a platform that shapes every trainee into a trained employee.

DMCFS is an authorized Third Party Aggregator (TPA). Through TPAs GOI intends to take this novel initiative of providing dynamic professional training to every individual who aspires to be a part of the world of industrialization.