We are fit for all types of Staffing

Permanent Staffing/Recruitment Solutions

We help organisations hire expert full-time talent for middle, senior and top level positions across diverse sectors. Our business philosophy is guided by our vision to be the top recruitment agency in India and the preferred recruitment partner of our clients. We extensively screen candidates that saves our clients valuable management time in the interviewing process and helps them hire top talent.

Temporary/Contract Staffing Solutions

Building an agile and flexible workforce requires an easy and fast access to expert talent, available on short notice. Flexi Ventures offers a pool of pre-screened talent, hired on our rolls, for middle and senior level positions. Our Contract Staffing Services allows organisations the ease and flexibility to scale their workforce based on demand. It also helps organisations onboard niche skills to their workforce for short duration workloads at the most competitive cost.

Our Staff Management Process

1. Manpower Planning

The initial step of the management process includes brainstorming. The goal is to figure out the number of employees needed to fill up the organization’s vacant positions.

2. Recruitment

The next step will be to identify the right prospect. Followed up by attracting, assessing, and hiring them for the job you have to offer. The hiring department oversees the recruitment process. And to assist them, staff management also has a crucial role to play during the process.

3. Selection and Hiring

The purpose of the selection process is to determine whether the candidate is the right fit for the job or not. It also concerns the onboarding process of a candidate. Selecting the wrong candidate will result in a loss of time, money, and an increase in turnover rates.

4. Training and Development

The next step of the management process involves training and development. The purpose is to aid them in understanding their roles and responsibilities better. New employees must understand their roles and expectations. Their understanding capability will determine the long-term accomplishment of the organization.

5. Promotion and Appraisal

Promotion and appraisal of the candidates are an essential part of the process. It will determine that they are performing well while fulfilling the required goals. The primary purpose is to check their performance and upgrading their role, pay, and responsibilities.

Our fulfilled statutory compliance

The industries that we cater to include..

1. Engineering Sector
2. FMCG Sector
3. Finance Companies
4. Telecommunication Service Providers
5. Healthcare Sector
6. Manufacturing industry
7. Sales & Marketing, both retail and wholesale
8. Accounting and Administration
9. IT and ITES Sector