Talent Acquisition Specialist job description

A Talent Acquisition Specialist is a professional responsible for sourcing, attracting, and interviewing prospective employees to find the perfect match for a company's long-term goals. They factor into this process that people play an important role and will be key players of success going forward.

The important first step of locating top potential recruits is sourcing options from different pools of talent. This could include generating leads via networking, reaching out to past candidates, creating a committee or attracting new applicants through company branding. The talent acquisition process doesn’t stop once an offer is extended. There is still onboarding work to be done, including welcome emails, team introductions, benefits information and resource sharing.


• Coordinate with hiring managers to identify staffing needs
• Determine selection criteria
• Source potential candidates through online channels
• Plan interview and selection procedures, including screening calls, assessments and in-person interviews
• Assess candidate information, including resumes and contact details, using our Applicant Tracking System
• Design job descriptions and interview questions that reflect each position’s requirements
• Lead employer branding initiatives
• Organize and attend job fairs and recruitment events
• Forecast quarterly and annual hiring needs by department
• Foster long-term relationships with past applicants and potential candidates

The Talent Acquisition Process

1. Sourcing and Lead Generation
2. Recruiting and Attracting
3. Interviewing and Assessing
4. Checking References
5. Making Final Selections
6. Hiring and Onboarding